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Yoga blocks are perfect for your daily routine. They are especially recommended for intense yoga exercises, trigger pointing and flexibility. Each  Lupit Yoga Blocks - Yin Yang is lovingly handcrafted. That is why the block you hold in your hands is unique and the only one in the whole world. When you touch the wood, you come into immediate contact with nature, as it whispers stories of ancient forests to you.


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Recommended for use in:

- adjusting the yoga posture
- to strengthen the flexibility of the body
- to support the body during certain movements
- to avoid strenuous movements
- to correct the spine
- to support different parts of the body


Handmade pieces from natural wood.
Hard density.
Smooth edges for comfort.
Treated with mineral oil.

Designed for: All yoga styles, support, stability.
- Use the roller to massage your feet, hands and palms.
- You can use each element separately or together.
- When used as one piece, built-in magnets hold the blocks together


Remove stains by wiping them with a damp cloth.
For stubborn stains, use a gentle organic detergent. Place the blocks in the air to dry.


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