Terms and Conditions for Participation in the “NY LUPIT GIVEAWAY” Prize Game on Facebook and Instagram


1. Prize Game Organizer

The organizer of the "NY LUPIT GIVEAWAY" Prize Game (henceforth “Prize Game” is the company Lupit Pole d.o.o., Pod jelšami 6, 1290 Grosuplje, Slovenia VAT ID SI38906970 (henceforth “Organizer”).

2. Data Disclosure

The PrIze Game is in no way whatsoever connected to, sponsored by, supported or organized by Facebook Ireland Ltd. All data that the Organizer collects in the Prize Game will not be conveyed to Facebook Ireland Ltd. The Organizer alone is responsible for the contents of the Prize Game. All questions related to the Prize Game should be sent to Organizer’s e-mail info@lupitpole.com.

3. Consent

By entering into the Prize Game, the Organizer assumes that you accept these Terms and conditions for participation in the Prize Game.

4. Aim of Prize Game

The Aim of the Prize Game is to promote the Lupit Pole brand and products globally.

5. Duration of Prize Game

The Prize Game starts on December 13, 2021, at 00:00 CET and concludes on December 20, 2021, at 00:00  CET and takes place on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Participation in Prize Game

The condition for participation is acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Organizers assume that a participant accepts these Terms and conditions when it enters into the Prize Game. Purchasing a product or service at Lupit pole d.o.o. is not a condition for participation.

Every person older than 15 years can participate in the Prize Game. Persons aged 15-18 years need written consent by a parent or by a legal representative.

Participants can at any time before the conclusion of the Prize Game withdraw their participation by sending a written withdrawal statement to the e-mail address info@lupitpole.com. In such an instance, the participant is withdrawn from the Prize Game and the Organizer immediately deletes their data.

7. Rules of Prize Game

To participate in the Prize Game, a person has to – during the time of the duration of the Prize Game – like the Facebook page Lupit Pole, tag friends in a post, and share the post.

Every person who will like the Lupit Pole Facebook page, tag friends in a comment, and share the post, will enter a draw with a chance to win a prize.

To participate in the Prize Game, a person can also – during the time of the duration of Prize Game –  follow all Instagram accounts (@lupitpole, @marlofisken, @alberpole1978, @johannasapakiereal), like the post, tag friends in a post, and share the post on a Story or Feed.


Every person who will follow all Instagram accounts (@lupitpole, @marlofisken, @alberpole1978, @johannasapakiereal), like the post, tag friends in a post, and share the post on a Story or Feed, will enter a draw with a chance to win a prize.

8. Winner Selection

A Jury by the Organizer, consisting of Kaja Lenič and Petra Glinšek, will be among all persons who have participated in the Prize Game in accordance with Article 7 (Rules of Prize Game) on December 21st, 2021 selected by random draw four (4) winners. Two winners will be selected who participated on Facebook, and two who participated on Instagram.

The Jury will make the draw in the premises of the Organizer. The draw will not be a public event. The draw protocol, including the name of the winners and their personal data, will be printed in one copy, signed by both jurors and saved in the premises of the Organizers for one year.  

9. Prizes

The prize for the winners will be Lupit Hoop or surprise packets that will be sent by regular mail to winners’ home addresses.

The prizes may not be exchanged for cash or other prizes. The prizes may not be transferred to other persons than those who were drawn.

10. Notification of Winners and Prize Claim

The winners will be notified on December 21st, 2021 in the comment below the post announcing the Prize Game on Facebook and on Instagram. In the comment, the winners will be called to write a message to the Organizer (via e-mail, or a direct message on Facebook or Instagram), in which the winners will send their home addresses.

The winners are obliged to send the home address no later than 5 days after being called to do so. In case that a winner does not respond in 5 days after being called to do so, the Organizer assumes that the winner is withdrawing its participation and is not claiming the prize.

If the winner does send their complete home address in compliance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 10 (Notification of Winners and Prize Claim), the Organizers will send the prize to the winner's home address in 15 working days.

The organizer will not cover any costs that may arise to the winner when claiming the prize.

The winners explicitly allow the Organizer to publicly announce the name and last name of the winners on the Organizer’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

11. Taxation of Prizes

Winners are not required to report the Prizes as taxable goods.

12. Liability

Participants enter into the Prize Game at their own and full responsibility. Organizers and persons who supervise the Prize Game are not responsible for any damages that may arise from the use of prizes won in the Prize Game. The organizer will not be held responsible for any unwanted and unforeseen consequences for the participants in the Prize Game or for third parties, which would arise as a result of participation in the Prize Game.

The Organizer is not responsible for the failure of servers, except in such cases that a failure is caused by negligent or intentional acts by the Organizer. The Organizer is not responsible for any technical errors and disruptions beyond the influence of the Organizer (such as network failure, electricity outage). In case of force majeure (circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer), the Organizer may cancel the Prize Game. The Organizer is required to inform the participants about the cancellation via Facebook and Instagram and if needed via other communication channels. In case of cancellation, the Organizer is not liable for any damages to participants.

The Organizer’s decisions and the Organizer’s interpretation of Rules of Prize Game are final and apply to all participants.

In certain circumstances, the Organizer reserves the right to stop the Prize Game for reasons of force majeure and can either still award prizes to those participants who entered the Prize Game before it was stopped or the Organizer can decide not to award prizes without any further obligations to participants.


13. Expulsion from Prize Game

In case participants break the rules of the Prize Game or use disrespectful communication, the Organizers reserve the right to expel such participants without giving them prior warning.

The Organizer will expel all participants who will use illegal tools (e.g. hacker tools, viruses, Troyans… ) or try to win benefits with other means of manipulation (e.g. one person using several Facebook or Instagram profiles). The Organizers will expel persons who participate on behalf of third parties (with or without their consent). A breach of rules is also participation via prize game associations, automatic services and professional prize game services.

In case a participant has been expelled from Prize Game, the Organizer may take back the prize awarded to such participant. The Organizer may ask such participant to return the already delivered prize. In case such participant does not own the delivered prize anymore, the Organizer reserves the right to ask from the participant a money sum in the value of the prize.


14. Data Protection Policy

Participants in the Prize Game allow the Organizer as the personal data manager to collect and manage their personal data for the following purposes: execution of the Prize Game in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, informing the winners in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; using the name and surname of winners in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Organizer as the personal data manager will protect the data in accordance with the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act as well as with Organizer’s internal rules which are all in accordance with the above law. The Organizer will in no case reveal the data to third parties. The Organizer will delete all e-mail addresses no later than three months after the Prize Game has concluded.

Every participant in the Prize Game has the right to look into, make a copy, complement, correct, block or delete personal data that refer to themselves. In case that participants wish that their e-mail address be deleted from the database of e-mails who receive messages from the Organizer, they may do that anytime by writing an e-mail to info@lupitpole.com.

15. Settlement of Disputes

Any disputes unable to be solved by mutual agreement will be settled by a court of law in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

16. Publishing of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are published on the Facebook page Lupit pole (https://www.facebook.com/lupitpoleworld/).

Date and place Publishing of Terms and Conditions: Grosuplje, December 13, 2021


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