The relationship

The relationship between Pole Expo and Lupit Pole is one of mutual respect - to say the least, and over the last 4 years it has grown into friendship and more. Meeting of kin souls, if you will. From the pole instructor and pioneer herself, Fawnia Mondey, to this beautiful mess of a city Las Vegas. Pole Expo hits the unsuspected visitor much in away of a large family reunion. With breathtaking news, emotional hugs, sincere cheering, political statements, energetic conversations, fresh ideas, new members, old favourites. 

One of the main reasons PE is such a treat for us is the fact that we get to see our colorful, busy and scattered family (almost - we missed you Marion, Sergia, Peter and our angels Annika and Dana) all at one spot. Where the exchange of future plans, past victories and joint ventures can take place. To say that we are honored and proud is an understatement. It truly is a privilege to know and work with such talent. We talked about what Jennifer Lopez was wearing while she found our custom made Lupit Stage with short legs in her NYC apartment (a robe and she was holding a coffee cup) with Johanna Sapakie - an acrobatic ‘hustler’ all in her own right. Alberto del Campo let us in on a little secret about his newest ideas for performing, and we have to say it is simple, basic, raw, and although we can’t yet reveal what it is, we can let you know what he will be using for it - you know it - Lupit Pole Stage. We were a tiny bit disappointed when the gorgeous (she gets more beautiful every time we see her, but we are yet to discover her secret) Phoenix Kazree didn’t have time to go to Cardi B concert with us due to her demanding international clientele. To witness Paige Olson blossom from a talented kid to a super level headed, pleasant and articulated young woman is inspiring. Geeking out over experimental photography and trends in how we consume digital content with Kenneth Kao is a conversation on another level. Marlo Fisken’s undeniable popularity and calm demeanor results in a very special aura beaming from the flow expert herself, and #squadgoals is complete with the fresh faced bad ass Carly Child. (Some of us will be forever grateful for the impromptu twerk session with Carly, Kerri & Co. in the lobby of the Rio Hotel where Expo took place). 

Pole goes family

What further underlined the fam #feelz in Vegas is the simple fact that so many pole dancers brought their children. There was a man wearing a t-shirt saying ‘POLE DAD’ and we felt that. Fawnia’s little prince Raven got a very special gift from the Lupit team. The first ever Baby Stage. Mom and dad were excited and Raven wasted no time. He loved the silver stage and he even got his first little kiss on it. (It was a peck actually, but too cute not to mention it.)  We expected Raven to like it, since he is pole royalty; what we did not see coming is how many kids are in love with Lupit poles, hoops and lolly pops. We met more #polemoms, pregnant pole dancers and pole families than ever before. We saw children go for gymnastic tricks on the equipment naturally like it is a swing or a trampoline. To top this amazing experience off, we got the Children’s choice award for the best equipment. It felt like the future is bright, fun and stigma free. Fingers crossed. Not just in terms of sports - although the cuteness overload during the children’s category of UPSF competitions is real - the more important idea for us is that kids and parents alike understand that pole & aerial equipment should be played with.     

The announcement

Much like a Christmas morning we could not wait to show off our new Aerial line. With a little help from our ambassador Alberto del Campo we announced (finally) the launch. To observe Johanna Sapakie in action is a lesson in professionalism, kindness, responsibility and joy. Her performances on the Lupit Hoop and Lupit Silk were mesmerizing. To see a world-renowned performer kill it on the products that took years to develop is a ‘pinch us’ moment. Especially considering how deeply involved our ambassadors, partners and pole influencers are in planning and producing our equipment, the live teaser for Lupit Aerial was a full circle moment. You can expect to see Lupit Aerial in full swing (pun intended) worldwide in October 2019. 

It is not only our wish, but our goal to cater to the acrobatic/pole/dance/aerial community’s true needs. That is why we keep our ear so close to the pole. We listen. It is our great pleasure to see the whole field progress into all sorts of subgenres. One of the most outstanding performances we saw at Pole Expo was a comedy/theater/circus number that took the venue by storm. The crowd was laughing out loud as  Alberto del Campo and Noah Bremer brought the house down. Seems like theatre is becoming more and more important the pole world and we can’t wait to see what else the future might bring. 

Fawnia's plans

Rio wasn’t built in a day, so to understand what’s to come one must know a bit of history. Fawnia Mondey is without a doubt one of the most influential pole dancers to ever spin her stuff on the pole. She truly is a pioneer. We sat down with Fawnia and talked about how different our understanding of pole art is today vs. let’s say 10 years ago. You’ll read all about it here. Soon. 

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