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Let's celebrate!

At Lupit we will dedicate this December to your friendships and together we will make your loved ones happy....

Saturday's tales

How spiritual forces subject a meagre and heavy reality - a collection of dance tales for grown-ups and children...

Clara Orlando - the fairy teller

Clara Orlando is a gymnast, turned pole dancer and full-time contemporary circus student at AFUK, Academy for Untamed Creativity, in Copenhagen....

Stretch and train with #Poleninja

Ligaments connect joints. They have little blood supply, so damaging them results in very slow healing. Stretching a ligament should only be done very cautiously, with the guidance of a professional, and in most cases, it is not recommended....

Pole dancing in Iran

There is virtually no pole community in Iran. So what do you do, when you want to proceed with your passion in a pole-less city?...

From Hustlers to Wuxi

China was a bit of a different story. I found myself not in Shanghai or Beijing but in Wuxi, a progressive and growing city 3 hours away from Shanghai by car. ...

Complete solution for pole dance

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