LUPIT SILK FOR STAGE, 7 m/22'11.59"

Medium-stretch, + colours

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High- quality, natural polymer acetyl cellulose medium-stretch fabrics. Available in 4 different colours: hot pink, chic ivory, soft black and smooth salmon.


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Quality of the material:

Highest quality by using first-class yarns in certified quality. Our products are manufactured with yarns made of acetyl cellulose and cotton pulp. Acetyl cellulose is obtained by a process of acetylation of wood pulp (cellulose), a natural polymer.

They do not contain any monomers during the normal production process, there are no atmospheric emissions of dye for yarns dyed in the paste.

This certifies full compliance with R.E.A.C.H. regulations. Thus, work is carried out within the environmental requirements.

The dyes used for the colours are Okotex certified.

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