DATE 2.11. 2020

Our priority is to make our customers and their experience with Lupit's Family as pleasant as possible. 

As we all navigate the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and restrictions that come with it, we have to make a notice that the current situation has resulted in some of our handling and processing promises being longer than usual.

Lupit's stage long legs  -> 25 working days

Lupit's Crash mats (all) -> 30 working days

Lupit's Home poles  and stage short legs -> 20 working days


From Mon - Fri

(excluding Holidays)

DATE 9.12. 2020

Dear friends, in spite of the efforts that we as individuals and groups in the company invest in the whole work process, and in spite of the optimization based on previous experience, it is necessary to take the human factor into account.

Unfortunately, Slovenian Post can no longer bear it at this point, and unfortunately, there is a big backlog in the supply of crash mats. We will do everything in our power to deliver your orders as soon as possible.

The delivery of all other products is currently running as before. 

We thank you for your understanding, we will keep you informed about the events.

DATE 3.11. 2020

Dear Family,

Despite our best efforts to provide a seamless service during this time, it may take a little longer to process your order. Unfortunately, the restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID -19, as well as the virus itself, may affect some of our responsiveness. Please be aware that we are here, that our products are in stock and that we are working hard to provide you with the superior service you expect.

We are deeply committed to your support and understanding.

DATE 22.09. 2020

We are shipping Lupit Classic Home Poles out on time and regularly. The handling and delivery time for Lupit Crash Mats is 15 working days, and Lupit Aerial is now available for preorders at! Stay tuned for more.

Xo, Lupit fam

DATE 28.8.2020

Dear Lupit family,

we are all caught up with ALL HOME POLE ORDERS. More updates next week. Stay tuned, big news coming soon. 

Love, Lupit 

DATE 26.8.2020

Dear LUPIT Family, despite our efforts to keep free shipping for crash mats for all of you who do not live in Europe, we have not succeeded. Due to the situation with the COVID, postal services have increased delivery prices by half, and even more. Nevertheless, we found some middle ground and set the shipping to the lowest possible value. In the hope that the situation will balance and shipping prices will decrease, we are sorry for the circumstances. We will keep you informed of all changes on LUPIT platforms and LUPIT social media. Free shipping still applies to everyone living in the European Union except Malta, Cyprus, and Island. 

Take care.  


The delayed Lupit Classic Chrome 45mm with or without extensions ordered until 30. of June are shipped!  All other orders are shipping regularly and we will update about Powder coated poles with extension asap. Thank you for your patience and support ????


Your order update:

Lupit Classic Stainless Steel 42mm & 45mm with or without extensions are shipping out regularly.

Lupit Classic Chrome 42mm without extensions are shipping out regularly and so are Lupit Classic Power Coated poles without extensions. 

We will have more information on all the delayed orders in the next few days. 

Thank you so much for your patience <3. 


Dear Lupit family,

the past few months have been a wild ride, to say the least. We would like to use this post to thank every one of you for your trust, support, orders.

We experienced noticeable delays with some of our products, and we are again apologizing, for the wait and frustration.

With that said, we are very happy to announce the latest updates regarding all pending shipments. Please check out the list below. If you have any additional questions, please write to and we will do our best to respond in 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from our customer service, please also check your spam folder.

* Please mind the date that you received the tracking number. That is the date that the list below refers to. 

Stainless Steel: 

- Classic G2 Home pole 42mm & 45mm - shipped out in time.

Powder Coated:

-  Classic G2 Home pole 45mm with EXTENSION - all orders up to 21.4. 2020 shipped out.

-  Classic G2 Home pole 45mm - all orders up to 5. 5. 2020 shipped out. 


-  Classic G2 Home pole 45mm - all orders up to 28.4. shipped out. 

-  Classic G2 Home pole 45mm with EXTENSION - all orders up to 20. 4. 2020 shipped out

-  Classic G2 Home pole 42mm with or without EXTENSION all orders up to 3.5. 2020 shipped out.

We will update on all Chrome orders at the beginning of next week. 



We are deeply committed to the well-being of our people and our communities.

The COVID - 19 is affecting the whole world, but each area differently. The path from the order, to your Lupit being delivered to your doorstep, is long and includes many moving paths. From supplier to courier services. Connecting all the organizations with their specific restrictions, and circumstances make planning extra difficult.

The workload has increased tremendously due to all of your support, and we are doing our best to be quick with our responses. Please note, our custom service is currently working remotely so response times may be longer than usual. If you find your self waiting longer than 72 hours for your reply, please check your spam folder. To inquire about the status of your order, please write to - make sure to include your full name, order number and the email you put down as your contact so that we can find you faster.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your pole, please make sure that you include the exact model of the product, video/photo of the issue, and a detailed description of the issue, full name, order number, email.

Order denied? Please contact your bank first. If you are still having difficulties with your order, contact

Above all, we are here to support you.

Thank you so much for your trust and patience.


For the sake of transparency of our business, we would like to inform you about the detailed path of your order from the moment the product was purchased:

1st step: Customers will receive tracking number information and invoice within 5 business days.

2nd step: Processing of order is up to 15 business days

3rd step: Shipping, depends on where you are

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Please find the updated ordering process time frames below. Processing the order takes about 20 working days.

At the moment, due to the pandemic, we are extra busy, and receiving more online orders than accustomed; unfortunately, we also do not have all the products in stock as our production is real-time ongoing.

For now, we cannot meet the short delivery time that you are used to from us. Know that our colleagues behind the scenes in our warehouses, our carriers, and customer service, work around the clock to get your order shipped. We will keep you informed of the most current possible status of your order.


Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, we need to inform you that, some of our products will not be available on Amazon from now and until further notice.

All of our products are available on our web site, in stock and shipping to the USA and EU, respectively. 

We are asking you to carefully track your parcels and regularly contact your delivery service because of the special circumstances regarding no physical contact. They will explain to you the pick-up procedure after the package arrives.  

DATE 27TH OF March 2020

Due to the corona situation, we are facing some problems with shipping single, 3pack Lupit grips, and crash mats to some countries. It is difficult to have an exact list of countries we have a problem to deliver, as this is likely to change daily. We are currently shipping all LUPIT goods to the USA and Europe. Please stay patient as we're trying to find a way to deliver everything to every country. Stay safe, take care, and read our news daily. 

24.3. 2020

Dear pole people,

The year 2020 keeps testing us and all we can do is make sure we are all as safe, calm, and responsible as possible. Due to the CORONAVIRUS outbreak, we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure our team’s as well as our customers’ safety, and we warmly invite you to check your local health authorities' platforms for all the information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones too.

With that said, all of our products are in stock, as we manufacture everything in-house (Slovenia EU) and all of our worldwide shipment is working, including to Italy, until further notice. Due to the situation, there may be a delay (up to 1 week) in the delivery of goods. All of our products are also disinfected with industrial alcohol thus safe for use. SUGGESTION To be extra safe and not sorry at all it is wise to clean your pole before and after use with suitable disinfectants. (Just as you would your remote, phone, laptop.)

You can check here for our Home Pole equipment while it's best to stay indoors and focused on your passion.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us during this stressful time. We must support each other from a distance and we can't wait to see all of the creative ways our beloved community will adapt to, and overcome this new reality we find ourselves in. We would say sharing is caring, but - too soon. :)

Stay happy, compassionate, and healthy.

with care

Lupit family


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