We met up with Johanna Sapakie in Las Vegas for Pole Expo. Since we are based in Slovenia, Europe, we took this chance for some face to face convo with great excitement. We can totally understand how much Jennifer Lopez related questions Johanna has to answer nowadays, so we tried to ask others. For those unfamiliar, there is a blog from Johanna published here (link) where she explains how it is training with a superstar like J.Lo. For more about just Johanna - please continue reading. 

Our feature aerial ambassador (yes, the new line is almost here!!!) and newlywed sat down on a black Lupit Crash mat in Rio Las Vegas and uncovered the following. 

She agrees that passion and care are the base for putting out quality work/products. She does not believe in love at first sight, because there is so much more to love than meets the eye. She prefers black to white color, but couldn’t decide between cats or dogs. She has both. It’s wine over a beer for Johanna, bikinis over monokinis, and waterproof mascara over regular, ‘ALWAYS’. Johanna’s number one make-up tip for performers is: shading is everything! Ponytail beats a bun in her book because there is still movement in your hair. As far as body cosmetic goes, she uses lotion. Metal beats hip hop, she is a rock girl, and her favorite band is U2 - because she loves what Bono does with their music - for the world. Her fave film is the original Jurassic Park, and there is one movie sequel she prefers over the original. It’s Toy Story 2. It’s comedy over drama for Johanna - sometimes life is drama and one needs to escape. The last book she read and liked a lot is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. 

The uber professional, nice and very knowledgeable Johanna Sapakie is a dream to collaborate with and we are more than grateful that the Universe brought us together. This sure is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We will make damn sure it lasts!

Love, Lupit Pole family 

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