Sometimes things just click, and magic happens. Kind of how our newest member of the Lupit family came into our lives.

Saulo started as a gymnast who craved more, and that took him from the Canary Islands’ gymnastics team to Madrid, where the student and aspiring artist met choreographer, director, and his first dance mentor Luka Yexi. That opened many doors.

Next step; Paris and Les Farfadais, time of traveling the world and developing fully as an acrobat, specializing in aerial art. Here's where another fatal meeting took place, and Saulo met the most important influence of his artistic life - Giuliano Peparini. Along came Sidaction (2011) Franco Dragone, The House of Dancing Water (Macao, China, 2012) and the famous tv show -  Amici (Canale5, Italy).

But the dream was even bigger; A unique solo act that can carry an international show. So Saulo created a new technique and apparatus - ‘the diagonal and flying pole’ picked up pole dancing along the way. He became the French Pole Champion (2011) and the World Pole Art champion (2012). The career highlights (so far) came with the Cirque de Demain bronze medal and the prize of the year of Cirque du Soleil (2014), followed by many others.

Saulo is no stranger to the TV screen and has appeared on multiple popular TV shows; like Britain´s Got Talent and La France a un Incroyable talent. Since then, Saulo also started coaching for Franco Dragone and Cirque Du Soleil. Performed for Disney’s Drawn to Life in 2018, and by the rate his career is going, we are guessing he will thank us in an Oscar acceptance speech soon. Thank you, and welcome, Saulo!


Complete solution for pole dance

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