IPSF World Pole Sports Championships 2019 Montreal

Written by: Annika Winkler; Lupit pole angel

Our first impression of Montreal after having landed was rain. At this moment we had no idea that this trip would become a lot sunnier for me. After having reached fifth place in Tarragona/Spain last year, I was very much motivated to do better this time, also, because it was my last competition in the junior-category for IPSF. On Wednesday the German Federation had organized a team evening with a delicious meal at a local restaurant, where we also spoke about organizational things.

The competition started on Thursday with the rehearsals early in the morning. The advantage was that we saw the beautiful sunrise over Montreal.

The Centre Pierre-Charbonneau is located at Olympic Park which was very special. It was great to meet so many athletes from different countries again. Due to a delay, I had enough time to check out my opponents.

Between my rehearsal and the opening-ceremony, we used the time to visit the Olympic Tower where we had a stunning view over the whole city. When it was time to go back to the hall I was so tired because of the jetlag. It was so tough to compensate for six hours of the time difference, but the opening was so colorful and exciting that I had a lot of adrenaline which made me awake again. It was a long day so it didn’t take much time to fall into a deep sleep.

Friday was a big day for me. I woke up early because I was very excited. So, I started to prepare myself for the competition. After a quick coffee with my family and friends, we headed to the hall where my coach Steffi Klemm was already waiting for me. She is so essential for me to calm me down. While watching the first athletes of the day my coach did my hair and make-up. I transformed myself into a character of League of Legends. I really enjoy this time before my performance starts – which girl doesn’t?

Waiting next to the stage just before my name is called is the hardest time - I am always fully concentrated and nervous. The moment I entered the stage my excitement was completely gone and I just saw the lights and the poles. I run through my routine and during my last trick I thought “Yes! You did it!” - this is always the most relieving and emotional part of everything. After my performance, I went to the “Kiss and Cry-Area” to get my score. When I heard the number 46.4 I was not really satisfied because I knew that there were a lot of strong athletes starting after me who were able to beat me and my score. I It currently placed two.

I have to say that for an athlete it is absolutely hard to wait three days until you know your final place. IPSF mixes all the categories up to make it more interesting – in their opinion - but for us, it was just a mental rollercoaster.

On Saturday I kept my second place and then Sunday came. I hoped for a bronze medal because I was pretty sure that the last athlete and world record holder Kano Konishi from Japan would easily beat me. I can´t describe how nervous I was when she was sitting in the Kiss and Cry Zone. The minutes felt like hours but then they announced a score of 45.0 I just looked up to my coach and both of us started to scream and cry at the same moment. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and I will never forget this. I had kept the second place till the end and now I can call myself the Vice World Champion - isn’t that crazy?

The funny thing is that LupitPole Angel Paige Sierra Olson - starting at the novice category - also won the silver medal. So the IPSF World Pole Sports Championships 2019 brought up to silver LupitPole Angels.

Annika Winkler

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