Pole dance is breaking into one of the most popular sports, with great speed. After years of hard work on the public image of pole dance, which has always been considered erotic dance, we have finally come to the point where pole dance is a serious discipline in the arts and sports circles.

With a new mindset and progress, sports and artistic pole dancers and acrobats have become more demanding. Testing the limit of the (not) possible, the combination of the elements that take your breath away, finally has forced the industry to respond with superior quality products. Products must, at all times, provide everyone with the highest level of safety possible, backed by quality materials and, last but not least, by superior design.

At Lupit Pole we work closely with our ambassadors, studios, resellers and the pole community in general. We appreciate and encourage them to give us product feedback.

Thus, we always have the opportunity in real time to upgrade and improve every product. Because, that is what the market needs.

We spoke with Lupit Pole CEO and R&D director Iztok Vodičar, who is the creator, and at the same time, the solver of complex cases.

In the coming week, you will launch on the market a new HOME POLES Classic and Diamond line called LUPIT POLE home pole Generation 2Why did you decide to introduce this new product line to the market?

It is important to understand that LP Classic first generation has been introduced to the market about 6 years ago. Since then we collected many feedbacks from our clients, ambassadors and other professional pole athletes. We also drastically improved the manufacturing technology and became more experienced in design and production process. So the Generation 2 was quite logically step forward. We simply improved the areas where we had room for improvements and we left untouched what was good in generation 1. I think we’ve done a good job.

What is the difference between Home poles and Home poles Generation 2?

We put a lot of efforts into increasing the safety level. In last couple of years pole dancing evolved into a professional sport. Pole athletes are making tricks and elements using more energy and power than ever. The equipment must follow their hi performance demands. This is what we do in Lupit Pole, we follow this incredible sport or dance, listen to performers and find the solutions. We increased the STABILITY so the pole can go higher, we made SAFER THREAD LOCK, we changed the bearing system to achieve BETTER SPIN and consequently possibility to tighten the pole more and still keep the spin. Of course, we also did a few design improvements to make G2 even SMOOTHER.

Who is the ideal user for the Generation2 line?

LP Classic Generation 2 is un upgrade to Generation 1 so the users are the same. This is a home portable pole made of segments with many features from our studio line. It is good for beginners as well as for professionals who wants to practise also at home.

Lupit Pole is known for its high-quality stainless-steel poles, and now you have expanded your line of products with Chrome and Powder Coated pole finishes. Are there any differences between the Lupit poles and other sellers of these products on the market? Has there been a revolutionary leap in technology?

In Lupit Pole We always do innovations. Our innovations are sometimes related to a technology how we make and test parts or in pole technology. This year we are focusing on the materials and the pole surface treatment. After years of research we succeeded to introduce the new CHROME FINISH which is NICKEL FREE and therefore 100% nickel allergy free. We are the first pole manufacturer in the world introducing Nickel free Chrome finish and 100% CHIPPING RESISTANT surface. I think this is revolutionary.

Is this the only change this year or is there anything else we are waiting for?

We are coming out with more innovations this year but in this moment it is still confidential information. Keep following Lupit Pole and you will know soon :)

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