Meet Tatjana van Onna Dutch-born Tatjana van Onnastarted her pole dancing career in 2011, with a strong background in gymnastics and dance. After participating competitively locally and abroad, she opened her own studio, the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam in 2013. Discovering her newly-found passion as a business owner, she launched her second studio in short succession in 2017. She has also picked up a fair amount of personal accolades along the way: 1st prizes at Pole Theatre 2016, Dutch Pole Art 2015 and BeneluxPole Championship 2014 to name but a few of her recent achievements. 

In 2020, Tatjana and her partner, Tim Thiele, decided to combine their skills, and Lush Motion was born. With extensive experience in the start-up space across Europe, Tim has a great deal of business- and strategy knowledge. At Lush Motion she will be welcoming you to any of her highly popular pole technique, exotic choreo or flexibility classes. A true master of flow, sensuality and movement her classes are not to be missed.

The collaboration between Lupit and Lush Motion began at a very special moment for Tatjana and Tim, at a time when they were preparing to bring a new life into the world. This special period in their lives Tatjana has decided to share with you and has prepared a series of special tutorials for polers who are expecting.

Follow us on our social media where Tatjana will be sharing interesting topic about pregnancy and pole dancing. Every week she will give us tips on what you can do and what you can't do on the pole while pregnant. She will show us belly breathing exercises to protect your core and make it stronger and do a little Exotic and Low flow choreo tutorial suitable for pregnant pole dancers.

 Stay tuned.


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