Pregnancy and Pole

I know many women who enjoyed pole-ing throughout their pregnancy with adjustments here and there.  Most I have spoken to had to modify, not push quite as hard, and some found it was easier to work on only tricks they felt comfortable with.  Perhaps they felt it wasn’t a time to take major risks on learning new skills and stuck to their “old faithful” pole moves.  Perhaps they decided to use the opportunity to work more on their dance skills.  I have seen pregnant polers do it differently across the board, and that just shows us that anything is possible as long as you are listening to your body and your doctors.

Don't take the risk

I happened to be one of the many pregnant women diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy. It was found I had complete placenta previa at 19 weeks and was swiftly put on exercise rest and pelvic rest for the rest of my pregnancy.  Which means, for me, continuing to dance was a risk to both me and my child.  As I watched other pregnant friends dance through their pregnancy, I was grounded from flying. I had to acknowledge my feelings of disappointment, and eventually move through them.  I employed plenty of help to do so.  And for me personally the anxiety of moving day to day through a high risk pregnancy became the biggest hurdle.  At that point the most important thing became doing everything in my power to get my baby here safe.

I know that the joy I find from pole dancing will never be taken from me, and isn’t it wonderful to see the many amazing and capable pole moms out there dancing their heart out after their babies have come into the world!  I know that my pregnancy experience is temporary and the experience I will get to have as a mother will be forever.  They key is to embrace your experience, as it is yours, and that’s what makes it special and unique.  I know that I grew up a lot during my pregnancy.  In addition to being able to welcome a new being into this world, I will have the added armor of being much more acquainted with the self-patience and self-compassion that I did not start this journey with.  In the end, I truly believe that if you love pole dancing and dancing, it can never be taken from you.

Every day, every moment is a new opportunity, and just because your current circumstances could prevent you from putting full focus on that passion, it doesn’t mean that the passion has disappeared.  It is just waiting for you in the wings, when you are good and ready for it.

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