LUPIT GRIP DISPLAY with 20 pieces inside

Specially created for studios/resellers.
Practical packaging solution, easy to mount.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTION exclusively designed for pole dance using NANO-technology for the best grip:

  • solves the problem of wet, sweating hands causing slippery grip on the pole (use the pink side of the pillow).

  • can be used to treat the surface of the dance pole for better grip and to increase the friction (use the black side of the pillow).

  • very handy, shape of a small pillow 12 x 12 cm.

  • less skin burn at drops and tricks.

  • works with all known pole coatings: stainless steel, chrome, brass, powder paint coating.

  • lasts for longer time, many usages.

  • extremly hydrophobic nano substance will keep the sweat and water away from the pole and hands.

Brochure: Lupit GRIP_ENG

Brochure: Lupit GRIP_DE

Brochure: Lupit GRIP_FR

Brochure: Lupit GRIP_IT

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Dimensions of package: L: 24cm, H: 20cm, W: 15cm
Weight: 1,71kg


CLASSIFICATION: Product is not classified as a dangerous material or preparation as defined in EC Directives 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC.

Emergency Overview: Inhalation of excessive amounts of dust from the product may cause mechanical irritation to the respiratory tract. Excessive dermal contact may cause mechanical irritation.