Ownership & liability


    The buyer undertakes he will store the goods in such a way that they can readily be identified in his stock. 

    The buyer is authorised to resell, as the Lupit Pole's agent, goods in which the property has not passed to him. Such sales must be in the ordinary course of his business and at a price not lower than that at which he bought the goods from Lupit Pole. 

    He shall record these sales in such a way that they can readily be identified in his books. The buyer shall be liable to account to Lupit Pole for the proceeds of all sales made as Lupit Pole's agent. Upon paying all his indebtedness to us upon invoices, he shall be entitled to retain the balance of such proceeds as his agreed commission on the sales. 

    If the buyer enters into a composition of arrangement with his creditors, has a receiver appointed, commits an act of bankruptcy or if he goes into liquidation, Lupit Pole's consent to his possession of Lupit Pole's goods and his authority to sell them shall cease. The buyer shall return to the Lupit Pole forthwith any of the Lupit Pole's goods held by him and also pay to us any monies received for any goods sold when acting as Lupit Pole's agent. 

    Lupit Pole may at any time require the buyer to return any of Lupit Pole's goods held by him if any invoice becomes overdue. When goods are returned to Lupit Pole under these provisions, Lupit Pole will credit the buyer's account with the trade price of the goods provided the goods are in perfect condition. If the goods are damaged Lupit Pole will credit at Lupit Pole's estimate of the trade saleable value dependent on the severity of the damage. Any balance of the sum credited over the buyer's indebtedness to the Company upon invoices will be returned to the buyer.


    All published data of any kind by Lupit Pole relating to products is approximate. No warranty or condition of accuracy is given or implied. Lupit pole accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage direct or indirect arising out of or in connection with this clause.


    The law governing all contracts with Lupit Pole is the Law of Slovenia. In the case of any dispute, the Courts of Slovenia have exclusive jurisdiction. Products supplied may be subject of patents and or registered designs. The Company reserves the right to withdraw or modify the design or specification of any product at any time without notice.

  • Liability

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