LUPIT POLE DIAMOND G2 QUICK LOCK set with disc, 42mm, 45mm


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LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ is the latest purchase for anyone exercising at home. After a year of development and testing, the Lupit G2 Home Pole Classic and Diamond Line have been equipped with a QUICK-LOCK previously reserved for the PRO Studio Poles and Stage Line. This allows you to change FROM SPIN TO STATIC AND v.v. in seconds and safely continue with your routine. You may consider the LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ to complement your existing G2 or any product in the entire G2 line.


  • 199.99 €


- The LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK™ system simplifies the transition between static mode and spin mode on LUPIT G2 poles.
- Simply turn the lock ring on the lower bearing system to lock or unlock the pole.
- The diamond indicates whether the pole is in spin or static mode.
- The dancer can change modes mid-performance, adding a whole new dimension to the choreography.


- Before purchasing, please make sure you have measured the height of the floor to the ceiling where you plan to set up the pole. This will help you avoid frustration when you install the pole, as you will have the proper extensions (if needed) to reach the desired height.
- When you install a pole at home, it needs to be placed under a sturdy structure in your ceiling. The structure in your ceiling is often referred to as a beam or stud. They may be made of metal or wood, or you may have a concrete ceiling.


All EU countries (except Malta, Cyprus, Iceland)
All European countries (except EU countries) with Malta, Cyprus, Iceland
All world countries except Europe 
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico

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