We have utmost respect to all the passion and hard work that these young polers are putting into their craft.
One that has drawn surprising amounts of attention in mainstream media around the world over the past years.  There are countless debates on blogs, social media, and on television.
So, what’s the big deal?
We find that most negative comments derive from stereotypical prejudices, mainly from those who have no contact with, or no understanding about the sport.  

We strongly believe that it is time for public perception to evolve!  We feel it is important to support children that are passionate about pole.  And we feel this can be done in a safe, productive, and nurturing way.  Allowing kids to express themselves and enjoy the sport without all the social taboo and politics that come along with it.

To support that idea, Lupit Pole has established special a Young Athletes Program which includes athletes from 10 - 18 years old who represent some of the most vulnerable members of pole sport community. Our program »Lupit Pole Angels« includes active support to help these incredible young polers realize their maximum potential. In cooperation with parents, we provide them with the best possible equipment for their age, as well as contact with top professionals and trainers in the field.
Check more about our Angels: Paige, Dana and Annika.

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Pole Expo hits the unsuspected visitor much in away of a large family reunion. With breathtaking news, emotional hugs, sincere cheering, political sta...
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