Sponsor of MISS POLE DANCE UK, 7 October 2017, Crawley, West Sussex, UK

Sponsor of Artistique Pole Fitness "Compétition régionale OCCITANIE", 7 October 2017, L'Isle-Jourdain, France

Platinum sponsor of ALEX POLE FESTIVAL, 29 September - 1 October 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Sponsor of Danish Pole Camp, 25-27 August 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sponsor of Insight Movement Seoul Pole Camp 2017, 11-15 August 2017, Seoul, South Korea

Sponsor of Exotic Pole Retreat, 3-6 August 2017, Bled, Slovenia

Sponsor of Canadian Pole Sports and Arts Federation & AAAC, POLE CAMP, 6-9 July 2017, Canada

Sponsor of  WORLD POLE SPORTS  CHAMPIONSHIPS NETHERLANDS 2017, 30 June - 2 July 2017, Netherlands

Sponsor of The Pole in the Wine Country Retreat 2017, 21-25 June 2017, California, USA

Sponsor of Pole & fly event, 24 June 2017, Maribor, Slovenia

Sponsor of  JLN Pole Championships 2017, 24 June 2017, Bolton, UK

Sponsor of  “Summer of Sweat Fitness Fest” , 10-11 June 2017, Philippines

Sponsor of Orlando Fringe Festival 2017, 16-28 May 2017, Orlando, USA

Sponsor of IPSF Italian Championship in Rome /Pole Sport, Artistic Pole, Ultra Pole, 13th and 14th May 2017, Rome, Italy

Sponsor of 3rd Annual Pole-a-thon  / charity event for Berkshire Women's Aid, 7 May 2017,Reading, Berkshire, UK

Sponsor of Pole Theatre HUNGARY, 7 May 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Sponsor of Exotic Moon, 29 April 2017, Turin, Italy

Sponsor of Pole Theatre Switzerland, 28-30 April 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland

Sponsor of Italian pole dance contest, 15-17 April 2017, Modena, Italy

Diamond sponsor of US Pole Dance Federation – Pro Competition, 1 April 2017, NY, USA

Diamond sponsor of US Pole Dance FederationNovice Competition, 1 April 2017, NY, USA

Diamond sponsor of US Pole Dance Federation – Amateur Competition, 31 March 2017, NY, USA

Sponsor of National university pole competitions / National University Pole Association, 25 March 2017, Newcastle University, UK

Sponsor of USPSF Championships, 25 March 2017, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Sponsor of Pole Art America, 24 March 2017, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Sponsor of Atlantic Aerial Art Championship and Pole Art Grand Champion 2017, 25 February 2017, Canada

Sponsor of Dutch Pole Sports Championship, 5 February 2017, NETHERLANDS

Sponsor of Italian pole dance contest, 15-17 April 2017, Modena, Italy

Sponsor of  Exotic pole dance contest, 19 November 2016, Modena, Italy

Gold sponsor of  The first official endorsed Slovak Pole Sport Championship 2016, 29 October 2016, Bratislava

Sponsor of  The World Pole Dance Sport and fitness Championships, along with the first ever Miss Pole Dance Romania, 10-17 September 2016, Bucharest

Diamond sponsor of US Pole Dance Federation – Amateur Competition, 1 October 2016, USA

Diamond sponsor of US Pole Dance Federation – Novice Competition, 1 October 2016, USA

Sponsor of The Capital of Texas Aerial Championship / COTAC organization, 26-27 August 2016, USA

Silver sponsor of 7th Annual Canadian Pole Fitness Championships, 23 July 2016, Canada

Sponsor of South African Pole Sports, 12 June 2016, South Africa

Sponsor of Annual Show Recital of Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, 11 June 2016, Philippines

Sponsor of Pole Dance Gala, 11 June 2016, Luxembourg  

Bronce sponsor of Dutch Pole Sports, 29 May 2016, NETHERLANDS

Sponsor of Exotic moon  - Exotic pole dance competition, 21 May, Torino, Italy

Sponsor of South American OPEN, 22 May 2016, CHILE

Sponsor of Chilean Pole Sports Championship, 21 May 2016, CHILE

Sponsor of Orlando Fringe - "A Pole Dance Revue" show, 21 - 29 May, Forida, USA

Premium sponsor of US Arial Championship, 13-15 May 2016, NY, USA

Sponsor of Pan American Pole Sports, 24 April 2016, Florida, USA

Sponsor of Mexican Pole Sports, 23-24 April 2016, MEXICO

Main sponsor of Spanish Pole Sports, 23-24 April 2016, Spain

2 star sponsor of The Crazy Pole Gala Cup, 16  April 2016, Erfurt (Germany)

Gold sponsor of Hungarian Open Pole Sports Championships, 16-17 April 2016, Hungary

Official sponsor of Twin Cities Performing Art Convention & Minnesota Pole Star Championship, 2-3 April 2016, Minnesota (USA)


Sponsor of  Pole Sports Championships USA , 26-27 February  2016

Sponsor of  Pole Show Los Angeles, 30 January 2016, LA, USA

Official sponsor of Minnesota Regional Pole Competition, 30 January 2016, Minnesota (USA)

Sponsor of Miss Pole Dance UK 2015 - Professional Championships - 10th October 2015,
HAWTH THEATRE Crawley, West Sussex, UK

Pole sponsor of IPDC Madrid  25/26/27 September 2015, Madrid, Spain

Sponsor of Pole Arte Spain 2015 19- 20 September 2015, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Sponsor of SWISS POLE THEATRE 2015- 4/6 September 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland

Gold sponsor of  WPSC 2015 London IPSF - 25/26 July 2015, London, Crystal Palace

Sponsor of Miss Pole Dance UK 2015 - Amateur & Semi Pros - Felbridge, east Grinstead, UK, 28th June 2015

Golden sponsor Miss & Mister Pole Dance Germany and Miss & Mister Pole Dance Globe 2015 - 06. and 07. June 2015

Main sponsor of US Pole Sport Federation Championships - 05.June New Orleans, USA

Main sponsor of 2º Copa Pole Style 2015 – Spain (April 2015)

Gold sponsor of SPORT HUNGARY - IPSF endorsed national championship, Folyondár Sports Centre (April 2015);

Bronze sponsor of Dutch Championships IPSF (26.April 2015)

Sponsor of Theatre Buenos Aires Competition 2015 (March 2015)

Main sponsor of Competition Les Verticales 2015 - Les Verticales pole dance competition, France (January 2015);

Main Sponsor of The Art Of Pole Dance Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2014)

Sponsor of POLE STARS CHAMPIONSHIP 2014, KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (November 2014);

Main sponsor  SWEETLAKE Pole Dance Competition, Nederland (October 2014);

Golden sponsor of Swiss Pole Show 2014 (October 2014);



Boracay, Philippines