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Web reselling program

Thank you for showing your interest in working with Lupit Pole and become a member of our big family.
Working with us is easy, and can be a great way of making money.
Lupit Pole offers a wide range of dancing pole equipment and all kind of accessories. Actually, everything that a pole dancer needs. Including constant support and care. 
Our products can be used at home, studios, gyms, fitnesses, hotels, clubs... Lupit Pole poles are also used in all kinds of competitions all around the world.

We can offer you all the materials you need to become our web reseller. We will provide you with photographs, videos, content, and catalogs for your webshops. We will also help you promote your business and earn maximum revenue.

But the best part is the offer of constant technical, marketing and all kind of customer support
Do not hesitate, write to us on the contact form on the right side or call our office on +386 40 875 225.

We are waiting for you to become a Lupit Pole family member.

When using our different reselling programs, please note that you can only use one at a time. You either order via our Studio reselling program or Affiliate program.
Different types of discounts do not add up if you are using more than one reselling program.


Complete solution for pole dance

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