Lupit Pole Angels

Lupit Pole has established special Young Athletes Program which includes athletes from 10 - 14 years old (Novice Division), who are the most vulnerable members of pole sport community. Our program »Lupit Pole Angel« include active support to help them realize their maximum potential.

Paige Sierra Olson

Our protege, Paige Olson from USA,  won IPSF World Championships in London 2016, in category Novice! She set a new world record! All her hard work,... More

Dana Castillo Zarazua

Lupit Pole has new »Lupit Pole Angel«, Dana Castillo Zarazúa from Mexico! Dana is 13 years old, entered the sports world as gymnast and then fell in love... More

Annika Winkler

At only 16 years old, Annika is THE up-and-coming star of the German pole dance scene. In the three years since her first pole lesson, she has already won three... More


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