We had a blast in 2019 working on some many projects simultaneously, we are now having trouble keeping up with the divine fruits of our labor and YOUR trust, our dear family. 

Amazon feels like a jungle sometimes, so any recognition for the efforts made truly is a great deal. We received ah-mazing news a few days ago. Our Lupit Classic Home pole got a makeover earlier this year, thus the Lupit Classic G2 (Generation 2) was born. And the home pole protégé is already making its way to the top of the search bar on Amazon USA. According to wiki.ezvid.com!!!

In 2019 it reached the runner up spot for the Best spinning pole! We are beyond proud and grateful that the thought, research, passion, is reflecting in your trust. 

By this lovely honor, we cross our grip pad and hope to crash on a mat if we do not do even better by our beautiful community in the future. To many more!


Complete solution for pole dance

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