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Get to know your favorite pole dancers a little better. Think about the community a little harder. Learn about technology a little more. Train a little different. View personal and pole issues through someone else’s eyes. Read a Lupit blog.

SHAME by roz the diva

We’re hurting. The best pep talk from the best coach won’t fix us. All I can do is encourage everyone to make decisions based on adding joy, not just avoiding shame. Your pole fam isn’t asking for the best of you -- they’re just asking for you to show up. ...

Johanna Sapakie

Johanna’s number one make-up tip for performers is: shading is everything! Ponytail beats a bun in her book because there is still movement in your hair. As far as body cosmetic goes, she uses lotion. Metal beats hip hop, she is a rock girl, and her favorite band is U2 - because she loves what Bono ...


Another beautiful studio with Lupit Pole #studioline equipment. We asked Emese Feher the owner and interior designer about the inspiration behind this gorgeous #pole sanctuary. ...

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