Pole dancing entered Zagreb in 2004. It was like a smell of some new exotic spice that one just has to taste.  And it was delicious! 

We started in small spaces, with one or two poles, unsure, a little bit scared and almost hiding, but the moment when we touched that cold, strong and smooth pole, it was love at first spin!

Women in Croatia just got hooked. Pole becomes our favorite food and boy, how we were hungry! With each month the number of women who wanted to pole dance just went bigger. We didn’t have enough instructors and pole dancers so we had to wait a couple of months just to get into a class! We tried to find some youtube videos, just to get inspired, but it was a closed community back then and the only videos were from bars and strip clubs. 

And then we started to talk about it, without shame, without fear, without a care what will other people think. And it got big. The spice was impossible to resist.  Slowly but constantly, we started to grow as a community. 

Today we have a lot of pole dance studios in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Zadar…all the major cities in Croatia. We have women having poles in their homes. Almost every respectable gym studio has some kind of pole dance classes. We have men taking classes. We have famous pole dancers coming to Croatia, we have pole events, pole workshops, pole camps, pole retreats, pole championships… Pole becomes not just a type of exercise, it becomes a new life experience and philosophy. 

And why it got so big?

Because pole doesn’t judge, pole accepts us as we are, the pole is always there and you can count on it. Whether you are tiny or tall, skinny or renaissance type, student or grandma, layer or housewife we are all equal in front of the pole. All “naked” in our fears, hopes, and body language. But we all have that love for it. Love for dancing, love for music, love for movement and hunger for that spice in our life.

And we share everything – new moves, tips and tricks, knowledge, experience, emotions, laugh and tears, sweat, and bruises. Community is open to everyone and it’s full of support, motivation, and heart to heart conversations. We train because we love our bodies, not because we hate it.

And what will the future hold? 

Well, it’s limitless.

Pole dancing is a great way to exercise and, like any other either sport or art form, it brings you many benefits; emotional, physical and social. You can be pole ninja doing tricks on the pole that makes your heart stop, or you can have stamina, flexibility and enormous strength. You can dress up in crazy high heels and some sexy outfit and play with the pole. You can dance alone or you can dance with your pole sisters.  You can choose your pole dance style or invent your own. You can dance to the rhythm or you can dance to your inner beat. You can dance choreography or you can improvise. You can do anything you want. 

But also, you can just be yourself. <3


Pole instructor at Pole dance fitness studio Zagreb.

Photo credit: Pole Philosophy 

STUDIO ZAGREB / SPLIT: Pole Dance Fitness – Pole Philosophy


Mob: +385 91 3340 400






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