When you introduce yourself, you say?

 "Hello, I am Marion and I am pleased to meet you. "

Note: I love people to get to know me in the most "me" way. Not for what I "represent" or any "title". It makes sense . The rest comes naturally.

How did your pole personality evolve over the years?

I believe that my "pole " self evolves at once with myself as an artist, a woman and a human. 

Through the years, I'm definitely learning truth and honesty towards my feelings and so towards my way to move, share, teach and dance. 

I get to understand by observing and taking the time, more about myself so about others. It gives another dimension to my every day life so to my work and my practice. 

Experiences and reflexion are amazing tools for growth. The process is a never-ending story with many steps back as part of the natural journey. It is definitely fascinating and keep my "momentum"high to discover more. 

If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given your “younger self”?

I would not say anything. I believe in Destiny- Frequency and Karma. 

I will just take a seat and observe from time to time, Probably seeing and understanding things I might not have pay atention at first. Too young, too "busy"- too much ahahah. So it might ( or not) help me in the Now. 

I wouldn't interfere because each instant have  their importance in the good and the bad. They guide me to be where I am now and it is my destiny. 

What is something that keeps you strong when things get difficult?

I like this sentence "pain is temporary". 

By pain I think of anything that is not confortable or even sad and difficult. 

A dear friend of mine and incredible being, Davis Phinney, who suffers of Parkinson disease since a young age translates it very well. 

He says: " Negative feelings and things come. But they pass through me they don't reside in me". 

 I spend time every day to take care of my mental balance. I do meditate on a daily routine. It is sweet in calm days and very helpful when some are rough and challenging . It helps to set my goals, calm my thoughts and mind and clear my energy. This disciplined practice has truly affected my journey. 

Does traveling the world changes your perception of life?

 Yet in a very personal opinion but YES ! I am a firm believer that traveling do affect the perception of Life, humans and in anything if you are open to the messages, take time to listen and observe. 

It is a Life made of several sacrifices and  constant adaptation. It is not less or more difficult than a "normal 2lifestyle. It is just different and it is what fits me at that point of my life and this since 10 years now. 

Im absolutely grateful for traveling to be one of the ways I explore in this lifetime.

It is beyond "where", it is about "with whom" . 

What do you want to scream to the world? 

  ...and to myself ahahahaha. Keep seeking for a better self. 

Do not take things personally. The perception of each individual, on things and people, is the reflection of themselves (Buzzing!!!)

We are never too busy we make choices and priorities. 

Take the time to seat with your eyes closed. It is a work yes, it is easy and not at all at once. It is rewarding.  

Live full gas. Challenge yourself yet keep many times to do, feel, think things that makes you joyous, excited, at peace and Alive. 

Love, Marion. 


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