Dear pole community, we sincerely hope you are all doing well. We can not express our gratitude towards you and your trust in LUPIT. We all are dealing with some challenges but firmly believe this could also be an opportunity. Following our social media and reading our blogs, you must be aware that we are doing some awesome projects with awesome people.

First, we are a proud sponsor of POLE WITH PURPOSE - Virtual pole competition for COVID relief. PWP is a live-streamed from homes around the world pole competition happening on April the 25th.

Registration is open for competitors, and you can register HERE. Please note - Make your every day count.

Second, we got a super honest review of our new revolutionary CHROME, tested by #poleninja, that you can WATCH HERE.

Third, our ambassadors are hosting on-line classes, and you are more than welcome to join in. Check their IG and FB accounts and join them on a virtual journey. Please note - Every challenge is an opportunity.

- The charming @albertpole1978 is taking classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

- The Sensual @sergialouse is live streaming, and you have to check her IG for the schedule

- The mystique Marion is also doing a live stream, and you can join her on social media

- The best doctor amongst the polers and vice versa -#poleninja is expecting you on HERE

- You can try some crazy moves with Marlo Fisken HERE

- Do some hard training with Phoenix Kazree HERE

Whatever you do, STAY HOME, train, socialize through the camera and remember; THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Lupit pole NEW G2 chrome review


Complete solution for pole dance

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